27 pcs Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set-Kitchen Utensils with Wooden Handle and Holder. Save your pots by upgrading your plastic or stainless steel cooking utensils to Soft Silicone Utensils-(Grey)



You have made a choice to buy healthy food, but have you thought about the tool you are using to cook it?
Without the proper kitchen tools, cooking and baking are impossible. You can choose anything from rubber to wood, but silicone kitchen that will stand the test of time and heat. The silicone kitchen utensils set will match with any type of decor or any pots and pans.
The silicone utensils are eco-friendly so you can feel good about using them to cook your food. They also tend to not harbor bacteria, so they’ll stay clean too.
There are many silicone products available-not all of them are food-grade silicone. The key is to only buy high-quality pure food-grade silicone utensils rated for high heat. The best silicone utensils are suited to handle 600 degrees or higher.
Discover the new ways to protect your family
The last thing you want to do when you’re cooking is to use kitchen tools that may be made with chemicals. These BPA Free, eco-friendly cooking gadgets let you cook with ease. This set of 12 tools is also nonstick so your butter won’t stick, and unlike plastic, they won’t melt or get warm.

Cooking safety relates to having unscratched cookware. The film on pot and pan gets into your dish fusing toxin. Silicone doesn’t melt on your nonstick pans; so, it is the best bet for cooking safely-no more melting plastic or scratched cookware!
Use Safe Eco-Friendly utensils to protect your family and keep them healthy. This can help combat fatigue, headaches, toxins brain fog, and low energy. You and your family deserve to enjoy a healthy life!
Easy to clean, easy to store, and you’ll reach for one while preparing just about any meal, hot or cold.
BPA Free, Non-toxic
Food Grade Premium Quality Silicone
Dishwasher Safe
Hot Heat resistant up to 608 F

The magic starts with the LOVE of Cooking!

✅2020 Upgrade: Super Heat Resistant 608°F & many extras! This kitchen set is a real deal-it includes all matching kitchen gadgets must have for kitchen. You can Not miss the Premium Quality in our silicone set. No more toxins from melting plastic or scratched pans when using this FOOD-GRADE Utensils to ensure the safe cooking. Our Spatulas nonstick cookware will keep your new pans new forever-nothing is worse than using scratched cookware set or cheap cooking utensil set. You will love It!
✅ HIGH HEAT RESISTANT: Silicone utensils can stand 608°F-are durable & ocean-friendly; Silicone heads made from silica found in the sand-the most common substance on Earth; Silicone utensils are lightweight but sturdy, with a comfortable Stay-Cool to the touch wooden handle; silicone kitchen utensils set has NO chance of leaching chemicals while cooking or fusing smoky toxins to pollute the air; Make your kitchen plastic free using our utensil set -for the health of the environment & your own!
✅ IMPRESS WITHOUT THE MESS: Tired of a messy kitchen & lost kitchen gadgets? When you have the right cooking tools for the job, you know how great it feels. You will love this rubber spatulas because all cooking spoons go from the box to your kitchen countertop, no more “tomorrow plans” to organize your kitchen items. Now you have all new home essentials for serving, cooking & mixing with convenient reach; Wooden Handle is a great solution from heat & it makes your counter look awesome!
✅ COOK LIKE PROFESSIONAL @ HOME: Tired of scrubbing & soaking? We know how time-consuming cleaning can be! No more! Thanks to the premium quality of nonporous food-grade silicon-simply clean with warm soapy water & included silicone sponge. Now you can cook like a PRO & it will match any home decor. Hygienic drain on utensil holder means no more germs or water inside the utensils container. Best kitchen gifts designed for both the occasional cook and seasoned chef- great wedding registry gifts.
NO MORE MELTING SPATULA: Premium-quality food-grade rubber utensils for cooking will last longer than any cheap kitchen utensils; The new updated design ensures no melting, breaking, staining or bending; We are so pleased that our customers love our silicone cooking utensil set. AVOID CHEAPER SILICONE-We don’t cut corners. Without our loyal customers, we wouldn’t be here. That is why we offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with silicone kitchen utensil set, just contact us


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