Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries | Pack of 2 | Made with All-Natural Ingredients | 24-ounce Pouches | All-Natural Dried Bing Cherries | Perfect Size to Share | By Dilettante Chocolates



Product Description

Dilettante Chocolate CherriesDilettante Chocolate Cherries

Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries from Dilettante ChocolatesChocolate Covered Bing Cherries from Dilettante Chocolates

The Many Possibilities with Chocolate Bing Cherries

Add to a dessert table at a dinner party

Create party favors for bridal showers, weddings, or any special event

Treat coworkers at an office space

Keep at home for tasty snacking

Give as a gift for any holiday or birthday

What are Bing Cherries?

Bing cherries are large, dark cherries originally from the Pacific Northwest. Covered in gourmet chocolate, these cherries are one of the best-loved confections of Dilettante Chocolates. Compared to the sweeter, Royal cherry, the Bing cherry gives a deeper savory flavor.

Quality Above All

Inspired by a long family tradition of candy and pastry making dating back to 1898, Dilettante is dedicated to creating the finest confections. Refusing to compromise on quality, all Dilettante chocolate is made with pure, natural ingredients. We use premium quality white, milk, and dark chocolate along with dried Bing cherries fresh from the Pacific Northwest to make these cherries give the best taste.

Dilettante Chocolates - Chocolate Covered Bing CherriesDilettante Chocolates - Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries

Chocolate Covered Cherries in a 24 ounce bagChocolate Covered Cherries in a 24 ounce bag

Rich Bing Cherries Covered in Decadent Chocolate

Discover the decadent and rich taste of Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries from Dilettante Chocolates. These chocolates covered cherries are all-natural dried Bing cherries coated with three different chocolate blends in a special process called dragée.

The process begins with gently tumbling Bing cherries in specialty revolving kettles high-quality milk and dark chocolate. The final, outer coating is made of pure white chocolate that has been colored to a beautiful, deep red hue.

When you bite into one of these tasty morsels you get firm-textured, semisweet chocolate followed by a chewy, fruity cherry center bursting with flavor.

Packaging Type

Resealable bag

Gift Box

5lb bulk bag

5lb bulk bag

Gift item

Total Ounces

48 ounces

24 ounces

80 ounces

80 ounces

COATED WITH THREE CHOCOLATE BLENDS: Each Bing Cherry is surrounded with milk and dark chocolate before encased in an outer shell of white chocolate for an intricate chocolate fruit taste.
MADE WITH ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All Chocolate Fruit by Dilettante is made with natural ingredients to provide the highest quality and taste possible.
SPECIALTY COATING METHODS: Chocolate Cherries are made with specialty revolving kettle drums. These machines are engineered precisely to gently tumble the fruit into multiple layers of gourmet chocolate for a smooth finish.
PERFECT FOR SHARING: These two 24-ounce pouches give plenty of cherries to share or to give as gifts. These chocolate Bing cherries will delight any chocolate or fruit enthusiast.


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