Cooking Light Non-Stick Cookware Safe Set, Best Kitchen Tools Nylon Gadget, 5 Piece, Black



This versatile collection of durable nylon kitchen essentials provides all the necessary tools for smoothly flipping whole-grain pancakes, tossing vegetable sautés, skimming stock, retrieving poached shrimp from simmering water, stirring and serving soups and stews and more. Inspired by the Cooking Light Kitchen, this durable utensil set is safe for all pot and pan surfaces and features ergonomic grips to ensure comfort for the cook

Set includes: 1 solid Spoon, 1 slotted/straining Spoon, 1 Solid turner/spatula, 1 slotted turner/spatula, 1 slotted Skimmer
Safe for non-stick surfaces: The nylon construction of this kitchen utensil set is safe for use on non-stick surfaces like non-stick pots and pans, and is heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. These tools won’t melt and won’t scratch your expensive non-stick cookware.
Easy to clean- This nylon cooking tool set is 100% dishwasher safe- it’s that easy!
Easy to use- the comfortable soft grip handle is ergonomic, so you can serve and stir in comfort.
Versatile kitchen utensils- each kitchen utensil in this set serves a variety of purposes. Use the solid Spoon to stir sauces and serve up stews, use the solid turner to flip eggs and pancakes with ease, Use the slotted turner to flip over greasy foods like burgers, use the slotted Spoon to serve strained veggies, and use the skimmer to remove batches of dumplings or ravioli from a boiling pot.
No more sinking utensils- these nylon tools are long enough to prevent them from sinking into your pots or Saucepans while in use.
Family serving size- this head of this serving spoon is the best size for serving, allowing you to efficiently serve up perfect PORTIONS.


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