Cook’s, Pure Vanilla Powder, World’s Finest Gourmet Fresh Premium Vanilla, 4.5 oz, 2 Pack



Made with Pure Vanilla Bean Extractives: Sweet. Pure. Revolutionary.
Cook’s Pure Vanilla Powder is a revolutionary vanilla and the first real alternative to pure vanilla extract, with some real advantages. Alcohol and gluten free, it is made with real vanilla beans and dextrose (corn sugar). Sprinkled on waffles, fresh fruit or cappuccinos it adds a subtle richness. Create your own hot chocolate mix with fresh cocoa, spiced mocha mix, or use it as a light glaze for fresh corn or carrots. Sprinkled on cappuccinos or lattes—it’s the ultimate coffee condiment and much, much more. In essence, Cook’s powdered vanilla is the perfect addition to any food or beverage that you wish to enhance with the sweet, rich, yet subtle taste of pure vanilla. Pure vanilla powder is also ideal for applications where either alcohol or liquid is undesired, such as pastries, crusts, or breads.
Flavor notes: Sweet, Clean Vanilla. Enhances other flavors.
Cook’s is a family owned and operated business established a century ago to provide fine vanilla to American households. Lustrous hand-cured and hand-selected vanilla beans from the chief source of the world’s best-quality vanilla. Now in our fourth generation, we are on the ground in the world’s vanilla growing regions, personally selecting the world’s best vanilla.
A Century of Pure Vanilla
We use the same slow, cold percolation that our grandfather developed when he started making pure vanilla extract in 1918. Through 100 years of unimaginable change, our company has survived and flourished on one unchanging principle: Quality.
Cook’s – The Drop that Makes the Difference
Excellent for applications where liquid, alcohol or vanilla’s amber color are unsuitable, such as white cakes. Never evaporates in baking, and a good condiment for coffee, tea, cereals, smoothies, and shakes.
Made from hand-pollinated and sun-cured vanilla beans in a dextrose base: Sweet. Pure. Revolutionary.
Resealable plastic jar for safe and convenient storage, available in sizes 4.5 oz to 5 lbs
All-natural, gluten-free, alcohol-free, non-GMO, vegan and Kosher


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