CYTBP Multi-Function Bamboo 2- Layer Large Capacity Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop Kitchen Food storage,Bread Storage Bread Holder for Kitchen Counter with Transparent Window(Full-Assembly)



The CYTBP bamboo bread box is the most professional and high-quality bread box,and will be the best choice for your kitchen partner!
The double-layer bread box is made of natural bamboo, which is environmentally friendly and fresh and can hold more baked goods.
The design of the transparent window takes into account the daily needs, you can easily know if you need to buy more without opening the window.

Keep food fresh
Unlike plastic or tin bread boxes, natural bamboo can keep food breathable and reduce water loss. Keep food fresh and tasty for several weeks.

Large size: 15.8″ x 12.2″ x 6.8″ for storage and decoration of kitchen bread
The bread box has 2 layers and can hold twice the space of the same size bread box. Large capacity can store bread, vegetables and fruits.

Elegant transparent window
Easily see everything inside. It will keep you up-to-date on the status of your food. The modern look will be a great decoration for your kitchen countertop.

Natural materials
Our bread container is made of thick natural bamboo. More durable than fragile tin or plastic. Natural materials are safe and healthy.

Easy to open handle
Put the handle on the top, it is easy to open the bread box. It is convenient for you to put in and take out food and bread.

Our bread boxes are easy to maintain and clean.
Wipe clean with neutral soap and damp cloth.
Extreme changes in temperature, humidity and dryness will affect the wood,
so we recommend placing the bread box in a well-ventilated place and avoid direct exposure to heat sources or direct sunlight.

Keep fresh longer: Our bread boxes are designed with well-designed vents to maintain proper moisture content, allowing bread to maintain longer freshness. After testing, our wooden bread box can keep the freshness of bread better than plastic or metal sealed bread box. Don’t worry about the bread being inedible due to the long storage time
Larger size to accommodate more: to maximize counter space: Our large-capacity bread box can easily accommodate more than 2 loaves, as well as rolls, cakes, etc. The high multi-layer design provides you with ample storage space without occupying your limited counter space. Even in a small space, it is a perfect helper for storage and storage of kitchen countertops!
With transparent windows and magnetic locks: Our bread boxes are equipped with magnetic doors, which are smoother than the roll tops of other bread boxes. Its safety lock can protect your bread from being hurt by pets at home. A transparent acrylic window is built in, so you can easily see everything inside the box. This will keep you up to date when you need to buy or bake more food.
Durable: Our bread boxes are made of thick and highly durable natural bamboo wood. Its durability is much higher than other common tin or plastic bread racks on the market, and it is much stronger than a wooden rolling bread box with slats and low density boards.
Beautifully made, sturdy, no assembly required: our bread boxes can not only store and display your baked goods. Its natural style can decorate most kitchen countertops and expand the area of countertops. Let your kitchen no longer be crowded and everything is in order.


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