Electric Can Opener, Restaurant can Opener, Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener! Chef’s Best Choice



1: Recessed blade

This automatic can opener features a sharp blade that is safely recessed within the unit. This safety feature helps prevent accidental cuts to your fingers when searching for the tool in your kitchen drawers.

2: Metal gear

Using a can opener couldn’t be simpler with the straightforward design of the Automatic Can Opener. To open a can, position the rim of the can in between the blade and the metal gear. The metal gear guides the rim of the can through the can opener so it moves in a full 360° circle by itself.

3: Battery compartment

The new can opener is completely different from the original design in appearance. Moreover, it is designed with a plastic sheet in the battery cartridge, which further stabilizes the batteries installed.

4: On/off switch

The simple press button couldn’t be easier to operate. Simply press down to begin cutting the can, then press again at any time to stop the action


5: Magnet

When you lift the can opener off the can, the magnet on the Automatic Can Opener will also pick up the lid. There’s no need to fish into the can with your fingers! It is more hygienic and safe than traditional can openers because the strong magnet does all the work.

6: Insert 2AA batteries in the right poles

The battery groove is marked with signs of positive and negative electrodes respectively. While installing the four dry batteries, users should do as indicated by the signs. Once installation is done, cover the battery and the product is ready for use.

7: Notes

☇ You will need to make sure your batteries are new and fully connected(push it a little bit), the can opener cuts the can from the underside of its ridges.

☇ You need to make sure the blade stuck the lid and press the top button harder, then it will touch the mechanism to power it on.

✔ The special highlight: after opening, the tin lid can be used directly for closing.
✔ The electric automatic can opener cuts off the lids with rounded edges to eliminates the risk of injury.
✔ Opens your cans fully automatically at the touch of a button, the lid is held simultaneously with a magnet to avoid a mess.
✔The can opener uses the latest technology, Comfort and luxury are the ideals we pursue.


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