GLANDU 3-Shelf Collapsible/Foldable Heavy Duty Shelving Unit, Steel Organizer Wire Rack with Wheels, Rolling Cart, Home Kitchen Laundry Closet Storage(3-Tier)



Product Description

3 tier3 tier



Foldable Design

After many improved designs, the shelf can be easily folded into a small volume, so that it can be stored in a hidden corner (Under the bed, behind the door, corner, warehouse)when not in use without taking up space.

Multifunctional 3-layer storage rack

This is a multifunctional storage shelf.

It can be folded so that it can be stored when not needed without taking up space.
It can be locked and will not slip after being locked.
It has wheels, so even thin women can move it with heavy goods on it at will.
It has side guardrails, things will not fall off, you can even use it as a mobile bookshelf.
It has a super load-bearing capacity, even the heavy objects in the warehouse can be safely stored.

The neat and orderly space depends on it!









Foldable Layer

Open the top layer and turn it to the side, and the shelf can be folded for storage. The user-friendly design is simple to operate and there are no complicated procedures.

Side Guardrail

The side guardrail design prevents things from falling easily even when moving the shelf. You can put documents, books, etc, and then it becomes a mobile bookshelf.

Triangle Structure

The triangular structure is known as the most stable structure. After the shelf is unfolded, the triangular structure provides perfect support to bear heavier objects. the shelf can be more stable and firm without deformation.

Lock Design

There is a buckle on the side of the movable wheel. When the buckle is unlocked, the shelf can be moved arbitrarily to where as need, when the buckle is locked, the shelf can be fixed in place.

Multi-scene multi-function usage







Warehouse rack

All kinds of tools and toolboxes can be stored neatly. With a tidy warehouse, you can easily find every tool you need. You can easily move it to wherever you need it, effortlessly.

Kitchen shelf

The messy kitchen is maddening. As a housewife, you must hope to find the right kitchenware to cook delicious dishes when in need. Own it, no longer worry about panic.

Office storage shelf

In daily tedious work, we need to constantly switch content. You can sort the files into categories and place them on the appropriate layer. When you need to consult, you can easily find it. It will help you free from tedious work.

FREE INSTALLATION´╝ÜPre-assembled design for a fast installation´╝îSpread out in a few seconds, no tools needed for building up. Even women who are not good at assembling can use it quickly and effortlessly.
MOVABLE AND FOLDABLE: The shelves added 4 professional grade caster wheels with lock function for movement and fixing in place. After folding to a small size, The shelf can be stored under bed, in a narrow closets, behind doorways and so on, It will not take up more space when not in use.
MULTI-USE: This simple shelf is a good helper for life that makes life orderly. It meets various multi-purpose storage needs like home, garage, warehouse, office and so on. Side guardrail design can protect things from falling off, you can also take it as a mobile bookshelf as you need.
Dimensions: 28″ W x 14.2″ D x 35.6″ H, Holds up to 750 pounds without wheels (250 lbs/shelf), and 225 with wheels (75 lbs/shelf)


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