Glass Food Storage Jars, Kitchen Food Container Jar With Bamboo Lids set of 7, Canisters For Serving Sugar, Cookies and Other Food Storage



Product Description:
Product Details:
Product Name:Glass Jars
Shape: Round
Product Include:
1 X 19.5*9.5*30CM Glass Jars
1 X 9.5*9.5*22CM Glass Jars
2 X 9.5*9.5*19CM Glass Jars
2 X 9.5*9.5*11CM Glass Jars
1 X 9.5*9.5*8CM Glass Jars
20 X Fresh-keeping Bags
1.Make storing your edibles hassle-free with our Airtight Food Storage Containers. They come in a set of 7 and will make your kitchen Pinterest-worthy!
2.The glass jar is transparent and visible, you can easily find and retrieve your stored food.
3.The bamboo lid of the jar has an airtight design with a silicone ring that will allow you to securely seal your jar to keep your food fresh and safe.
4. Tall airtight glass jar is ideal for spaghetti or flour, rice, ect.
5. Durable and sort out the tea, flour, candies, grain easily and clearly.
6.We will send you 20 sealer bags.It can help you store food.

Material Safety: The food storage container is composed of glass and bamboo lid, which can be used repeatedly to save resources. They are plastic-free, BPA-free, and glass materal has good chemical stability. When liquids are filled in a sealed tank made of glass, there is no need to worry about the food storage container being corroded by the liquid.
Variety of Sizes: The food Storage container have 5 different sizes, a total of 7 sets design suitable for storage of various foods. food Storage container of various sizes can also be placed in various positions in the kitchen without taking up your extra space. The food Storage container can not only store solid food such as noodles, rice, coffee, etc., but also store liquids food such as oil, honey, and jam.
High-Quality Preservation: The design of the rubber ring on the lid of the food storage container can effectively prevent the infiltration of odor into the glass container, so as to better preserve the food. The food storage container lid is easy to access and effortless. The food storage container can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 150°C, you can put this food storage container in a pantry, kitchen or refrigerator.
Convenient to Clean: The transparent design of the food storage container allows you to see the food storage capacity and the changes in food quality more clearly. The food storage container wide-mouth,so you can better clean the food storage container. Similarly, this food storage container can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Notice: After cleaning, put the bamboo lid of the food storage container in a ventilated place to dry.When using the dishwasher to clean the food storage container, please do not put the bamboo lid in the dishwasher.


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