HABOM Glass Olive Oil Bottle Set-17 oz Oil & Vinegar Dispenser Cruet with Pourers and Funnel,Wide Opening for Refill and Cleaning,Oil Bottles Carafe Decanter for Kitchen (Set of 2)



Product Description

oil bottleoil bottle

oil dispenseroil dispenser

Habom Cooking Oil Dispenser Bottle-Live for the Health of Your Family!

The accurate scale on the olive oil bottle allows us to accurately control the intake of oil, which not only ensures the freshness, fragrance and taste of food, but also prevents us from excessive consumption of oil. In addition, it also enables us to live a healthy and high-quality life and enjoy delicious to the full.

oil dispenser for the kitchenoil dispenser for the kitchen

cooking oil dispenser bottle for the kitchencooking oil dispenser bottle for the kitchen

Don-drip Bottle Stoppers

All the spouts are dustproof and they are designed mainly to keep olive oil fresh so that they can not prevent the oil leaking when you upturn this oil bottle .

Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Makes Your Kitchen Clean and Comfortable!

Delicious Food is Under Control

Package Included:

17 oz olive oil bottle *2

18/8 stainless steel funnel *2

Pour spout with flap cap *1

Pour spout with manual valve*2

Chalkboard Labels*4


Do not pour hot/ice or hot oil into the olive oil dispenser directly (liquid temperature with great difference from normal), so as to avoid the explosion of the oil dispenser due to the great difference in temperature. Do not collide the bottle body with heavy objects. Do not place the bottle near the heat.

Oil bottle features

olive oil bottle

olive oil bottle

olive oil dispenser bottle dispenser

olive oil dispenser bottle dispenser

oil and vinegar dispenser set

oil and vinegar dispenser set

oil container

oil container

Stainless Steel Funnel

18/8 stainless aided funnel helps you easily pour liquid into the oil bottle without leaking. Keeps your kitchen clean and avoid oil getting on your hands.

Manual Valve Design

The pour spouts with manual valve can pour oil smoothly, and it can be easily pressed. Its manual valve design helps you use our oil bottle elegantly and without oil leakage,giving you the most clean hands.

Pour Spouts with Flap Cap

18/8 Stainless steel pour spouts with flap cap fit the bottle perfectly. Its flap cap can prevent dust and keep oil clean, and let you enjoy the fresh oil.

Chalkboard Labels

Handy chalkboard labels help you easily and clearly distinguish the contents of each olive oil dispenser bottle.

olive oil bottles with spoutolive oil bottles with spout

✅【Accurate oil control】:With oz and ml scale on the body of the oil dispenser, the amount of oil, condiments or vinegar can be accurately controlled to avoid wasting oil and form healthy eating habits.
✅【Drip-free】: The seal cap and flap cover fit the bottle and prevent dust perfectly.Pressing nozzle can be operated with one hand, convenient and quick.Keep the olive oil dispenser bottle clean, keep the olive oil fresh and prolong the storage time.
✅【Easy to fill easy to distinguish】: 18/8 stainless steel auxiliary funnel, easy to fill liquid, no leakage.Help you get rid of sticky hands and dirt. 4 chalkboard labels can be written on top with pen to easily identify the internal categories.
✅【Health and safety】:Lead-free glass, health and safety. Anti-slip design on the bottom of oil container, effectively prevent the slip caused by the fall hazard. Ideal for dispensing cooking oils, dressings and vinegars.
✅【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】:If you have any issue with our HABOM oil bottles for kitchen , please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will try our best to find a satisfactory solution for you within 24 hours.


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