Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry, Seafood Breading Mix, Fish Fry Seasoning, As Seen on Shark Tank, 12 Oz (Original, 3 Pack)



Product Description

Fish FryFish Fry

Joe’s Gourmet Not Just Fry Breading Mix

Simply one of the tastiest light breading mixes in the world. Loaded with delicious herbs and spices, our breading goes on light and thin and give a nice golden finish to your food. Joe’s Fry Mix absorbs less oil so your meal is flavorful, crispy, and succulent.

Perfect Fish Fry and More with Less OilPerfect Fish Fry and More with Less Oil

Seasoning for Every SituationSeasoning for Every Situation

Seasoning for Every Situation

Joe’s Savory Breading Mix is great for enhancing the flavor and texture of fish, but it’s also amazing for adding crunch and zing to:

● Calamari

● Chicken

● Vegetables

● Salmon Patties

● French Fries

World Famous Blend of IngredientsWorld Famous Blend of Ingredients

World Famous Blend of Ingredients

Joe’s Gourmet Breading Mix features 7 special ingredients that bring out flavor without too much added salt:

● Celery seed

● Turmeric

● Orange peel

● Onion

● Garlic

● Parsley

● Paprika

Delicious Cajun Flavor

Delicious Cajun Flavor

Resealable Packaging

Resealable Packaging

For Baking or Frying

For Baking or Frying

Delicious Cajun Flavor

Enjoy all of the Cajun seafood fry mix flavor you love with less oil, less salt, and the perfect blend of delectable spices.

Resealable Packaging

Keep your seasoning fresh for the next use. This resealable bag allows you to conveniently take only as much mix as you need without filling another container.

For Baking or Frying

This easy-to-use breading mix is great for baking and frying recipes. Pour Joe’s Fish Fry onto a plate or into a bag and roll or shake your moist seafood until properly coated.

Seasoning for a Whole FamilySeasoning for a Whole Family

Fried Flavor with Less Oil – Joe created a breading that absorbs less oil; the result is a crisper coating without being soggy or greasy; It works great in air-fryers too, for those who want even less oil
Breading for Chicken – While the label reads “Fish Fry,” this mix is also a delicious, savory breading for chicken or vegetables, and a special seasoning for French fries; This breading can enhance the flavor and texture of many of your favorite foods
Resealable Packaging – Use what you need and easily reseal the bag, keeping it fresh for the next use; The large bag contains enough seasoning for the whole family; Or, remove just enough seasoning to flavor salmon patties, calamari, or even sweet potato fries, and then reseal for later
Southern Fried Catfish – You have never tasted authentic New Orleans Style Catfish with such little preparation at home; All the flavor you’d expect from a Cajun seafood fry mix with less oil, less salt and a level of spicy that does not overwhelm food


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