Kitchen Shelves, Cabinet Organization Mini Storage Shelf, White,Set of 6

$32.00 $29.99


This set of 6 helper shelves will double your space! Stack extra tiers of dishes, canned goods or containers in kitchen cabinets with this versatile shelf
Simply place shelves where needed, no installation or hardware required. When it’s time for a new arrangement, shelves can be moved or removed with no damage to original cabinets or cupboards.
Made of steel with that cleans easily and won’t rust or scratch delicate items, these shelves will be around for the long haul. Plastic feet keep shelves in place and won’t scratch surface underneath. Features a lightweight design for easy maneuverability and a tasteful, classic finish that matches any decor.
FITS IN MOST SPACES! Choice of Single shelf or set of two shelves; each measures approximately 11 Inches Long x 5.3 Inches Wide x 5.1 Inches height.
30 day easy return policy, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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