Kutt Chef Knife Set, 8 inch Professional Kitchen Knife, German High Carbon Stainless Steel Utility Knife, Work Sharp Chopping Knife



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As humankind’s first tool, the knife is the soul of the kitchen. It shouldn’t be defined by a single set of features, because it guides you into the culinary journey, from starters to dessert. The classic KUTT chef knife works as an extension of your forearm, handling multiple jobs, from dicing and slicing to chopping and mincing.

Apart from it’s versatility, we know it’s all about the handfeel, therefore we designed an 8 inch blade, light as a feather, strong as a bull, made of german stainless steel, to which we added carbon and chrome, for rust resistance and strength. We also added an engineered handle made of a composite material, pakkawood, for best protection when exposed to wet and adverse environments.

The alchemy of the elements shaping the classic KUTT chef knife turns it into the best performer in your kitchen, either you are a beginner or a highly skilled cook.

With good judgement, comes good taste! Choose wisely.

Signature Knives Make Signature Dishes

Your signature dish. The dish that shows your distinct style to its best advantage.
Whether it be a soup, seafood dish, pizza, or dessert, your signature dish is the one that bears your personal stamp, and so when it comes to preparation, everything has to be perfect.
Kutt knows how important it is to get something right if you’re going to put your signature on it, and that’s why every chef knife we make conforms to the standards of excellence that you can expect from the Kutt name.
We wouldn’t expect you to put your signature on anything less than the best, and neither would we. That’s why you can rely on our knives to deliver quality.

Say Good Bye to Knives That Don’t Kutt It

When it comes to cooking, the last thing you want is a cooking knife that won’t cut. Your dishes shouldn’t have to suffer because of a dull knife, nor should you have to stop your creative culinary flow to sharpen one.
With the Kutt Kitchen Knife for Chefs, your sharpening days are over. This stainless steel chef knife is made of high quality German stainless steel, that retains sharpness longer and lasts for years, to take on anything from ambitious entrees to elaborate appetizers with ease and precision.

A Pleasure to Use

The Kutt Chef is lightweight and perfectly balanced so you can cut, dice, slice, and chop effortlessly. The beautiful Pakka wood handles are ergonomically designed for a perfect fit, allowing for greater agility and comfort, that let you work with ease and achieve fluid cuts from meats, seafood, breads and vegetables.

The Perfect Gift, Low Maintenance, High Quality

The Kutt Professional Chef Knife comes beautifully packaged with a free odor removing soap, that effectively eliminates lingering odors within one minute to keep your hands clean and smelling fresh. It comes in an elegantly lined box, perfect for storing, and makes a stunning present for the amateur or professional chef in your life

The Kutt knife is made from a combination of premium German rust resistant stainless steel, carbon, and chrome, and remains in prime condition with minimal sharpening and low maintenance. Hand washable and well balanced, this chef’s knife is suitable for all types of dishes, from elaborate entrees to simple appetizers.

The Kutt stainless steel Chef Knife is a professional-quality knife that belongs in the kitchen of any chef. It consists of an elegantly crafted 8 inch chef knife and aan odor remover, both made  of high quality pure  German stainless steel for unparalleled durability and performance

THE BEST KNIFE YOU WILL HAVE – If you are looking for a knife that works like a functional piece of art – with great balance and good quality steel – this is THE ONE.   The ultimate KUTT CHEF KNIFE can do just about anything that needs to be done in the kitchen. You get the high quality of an 8-inch chef knife for the price, declaring the world you are not just someone who cooks the dinner, you are now a professional chef.
SHARP OUT OF THE BOX – With its thinner blade and curved spine it is a delight to accurately and easily cut through all sorts of food. Made of High Carbon German Stainless Steel the KUTT CHEF’S KNIFE holds its edge very well in time and with the right care you will not need to sharpen it for a long time.
COMFORT AND BALANCE – Are the absolute key in your kitchen. You need to feel confident in order to give your loved ones the best cooking experience. Now, thanks to it’s full tang, the Pakka Wood handle is a joy to hold. The KUTT knife is lighter than many of the chef’s knives- fitting perfectly in your hand and allowing you easily to get the most precise wafer-thin slices.
CUTS LIKE A DREAM – The fine and sharp blade cuts through everything form slicing onions, chopping herbs and crushing garlic to mincing meat. Even if you are not a professional chef the FREE FINGER GUARD and 8-inch blade-safe provides you with the best professional culinary experience keeping your fingers safe while improving your precision and speed cut. Besides, you will never have to worry that your hands will smell after cutting food thanks to the FREE ODOR REMOVING SOAP.
MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT – When in doubt do yourself a favor and offer your beloved friends and family the most versatile knife to have. From cutting meat to chopping vegetables this multi-purpose tool is a must have in every kitchen, so they will definitely love to experiment different cuts on their meals. Also, it comes dressed in an elegant FULLY CUSHIONED GIFT BOX so that you will not have to worry about finding the perfect packaging. 


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