Lidoma Premium All Red Coup Spanish Saffron (3.0 Grams ( 0.1 oz))



Product Description

Lidoma Premium Spanish Saffron 3gLidoma Premium Spanish Saffron 3g

Lidoma Premium Spanish Saffron Grade ALidoma Premium Spanish Saffron Grade A

Lidoma Premium Saffron contains %100 All Red Sargol Saffron Threads, known as the best quality of saffron in the world.

It’s All About Freshness!

We Freshly harvest, process, pack in air tight tin containers and express air ship to United States for maximum freshness and to offer the highest quality in terms of color and aroma in the market.

In each Package of Lidoma Premium Saffron you will find 3 grams of Grade A, All Red Natural, Fresh Saffron Threads without any yellow styles.

About LIDOMA Brand

We Only Pack The Highest Grade Harvests

​Lidoma Premium Saffron only contains vivid deep red threads (stigma) and

no yellow or white plant parts (styles) that reduce the quality.

We only pack grade 1 premium saffron tested in a lab by ISO professionals

to meet our standard of highest aroma, flavor and color measures.

Each lot of Saffron received is subjected to numerous quality and hygiene inspections.

Our saffron is analysed by private laboratories for its purity and grade.

All Red – Only Deep Red Stigma Tips – No Yellow Styles (Sargol Grade).
No Additive or Preservatives, Naturally Hand Picked from elevated plateau of La Mancha in central Spain; freshly processed, packed and express air shipped to US for maximum freshness!
Lidoma Fresh Threads are packed in Airtight Food-Safe Tin Packages. Our Saffron is grown naturally without pesticides or fertilizers.
Lab Tested – Our Saffron threads are tested and analyzed in Certified Laboratories for Purity and Grade.


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