Neadas Small Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids and Handles, Transparent Grey, 6 Packs



The translucent appearance of the box body allows the box to be able to see the contents of the box without opening it, which improves the convenience of finding the items, and its dimension allows you to put them in a cupboard, shelf or car trunk
Ease the hassle of sorting and storing small items, for example, toys, stationery, snacks, office letters, headphones, shavers, remote controls, game consoles, medicines, cans, condiments, etc., or used in the kitchen to classify different types of beans such as coffee beans, soybeans, mung beans, etc
Adopts a sealing lid, it enhances the tightness of the box and keeps the contents of the box hygienic and not afraid of wetted by water, the latches on both sides can be tightly fixed on the groove of the lid without loosening
The concave lid makes the stacking of multiple boxes more stable and saves available space, if you don’t need to use them, disassemble the boxes and lids and stack them will be tidier, the thick and environmentally friendly plastic material makes it durable and safely to use
With portable design, there is a handle on the lid, suitable as a tool box or cleaning box that needs to be moved frequently, the workmanship is fine and the hand will feel comfortable when you lift the box, and the edges are smooth and burrless, it will not hurt your hand in use process


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