Nonstick Silicone Spatula Set 5PCS ONLYWIN Kitchen Cookware Utensils Sets Heat Resistant 500℉ BPA Free Dishwasher Safe Mini Spatula Baking Scraper and Brush for Cooking,Black



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silicone spatula setsilicone spatula set

Why You Need This ONLYWIN Silicone Spatula Set for Cooking ?

Cooking utensils come in many different materials, such as silicone,wood, stainless steel, aluminum etc. The wood spatulas tend to be porous, as they are can harbor more bacterial growth ; the stainless steel spatulas are not stain-resistant, allowing food -trapping, so it is not easy to clean, however, the silicone cooking utensils are heat-resistant,stain-resistant and dishwasher-safe; they are very user-friendly when dealing with non-stick surfaces. It cannot scratch or damage non-stick cooking pots and pans as wooden or metals spoons do. They are more flexible and useful in scraping or cleaning those cake batter off the mixing bowl, so this ONLYWIN silicone spatula set will be your perfect cooking utensils

The Highlights of This ONLYWIIN Silicone Spatula Set

The silicone materials of these spatulas is FDA compliant and BPA Free, safer to use with foods
Upgraded seamless and inseparable ( integrated) design, not easy to crack or break
Built-in Carbon Steel inside for extra strength and sturdiness
Comes with 5 pieces of silicone cooking utensils to covering all of your cooking and baking needs
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mini spatula siliconemini spatula silicone

mini spatula siliconemini spatula silicone

ONLYWIN Spatulas VS Others

Our Spatulas : Seamless and inseparable design, not easy to be cracked or break ; Built-in Carbon Steel Inside for Extra Sturdiness and easy to clean (dishwasher-safe)
Other Spatulas: Old Separable design, easy to loose and break and tend to have food-trapping, not easy to clean

What This Silicone Spatula Set Can Do For You ?

Our Silicone Spatula Set Includes :

1x Spoonula : Make folding,serving,scraping,scooping and mixing foods a incredibly easy thing, such as scooping up a large amounts of batter and plop it into the bakinbg pan
1x Large Spatula : Excels at mixing, scraping large bowls, folding in ingredients, and sautéing over a sizzling non-stick skillet
1x Small Spatula : Mini spatula is perfect for tiny hands to control even the thickest cookie dough

1 x Jar Spatula: Perfect for scraping out jars of marinara sauce, peanut butter, molasses, mayonnaise, honey, and Nutella etc

1x Silicone Brush: Great for high-heat applications, such us basting meat or poultry; applying oil or melted butter to pans, applying anything with strong odor

kitchen utensils set

kitchen utensils set

spatula baking scraper

spatula baking scraper

kitchen utensils set

kitchen utensils set

The silicone spatula is very suitable for handling hot foods. It is perfect for various cooking or baking tasks, including scooping, mixing ingredients with oil, scraping baked on food, stirring food in a pan.

It is also great for smoothing batter in a cake pan before baking to ensure an even distribution. You can bake a cake together with your kids by using small spatula which is a unforgettable way to make new memories.

It can get into the tiniest of space, reaching food in jars of all shapes and sizes because of thin shape. It is perfect for smoothing out the batter in the cake pan. It is easy to clean even with batter on it.

♨ 【Versatile Spatula Set】This silicone spatula set comes with 5 pieces, including 1 spoonula ,1 large spatula , 1 jar spatula, 1 small spatula , 1 Brush, which will handle all of your cooking and baking needs
♨ 【Seamless and Nonslip】Unlike the old separable silicone spatulas is easy to crack or break, this seamless and inseparable spatulas are very sturdy and no food-trapping on handles. The non slip grip is perfect for stirring,scraping , mixing various foods
♨ 【FDA Approve & BPA Free】The materials of this small silicone spatulas is FDA compliant and not with BPA and the heat resistantance up to 500℉, so there is no need to worry about contaminating food with pesky chemicals,very safe when using these silicone scrapers as kitchen cooking utensils
♨ 【Flexible and Robust Handle】The handle of these rubber spatulas are built-in stainless steel core inside for extra strength, allowing them to last for a longer period of time, and they are equipped with a hole at the top, easy to hang for tiding your kitchen. Beside, they are with flexible tip to thoroughly scrape the sides and bottoms of the pots and pans without any scratching
♨ 【Stain-resistant & Dishwasher-safe】The silicone utensils do not retain oders or stains when used to stir deeply colored food, such as tomato-based foods or curries, so the silicone spatulas are easier to clean and wash, compared to other materials such as the wood and stainless steel. Beside, the silicone kitchen tools are dishwasher safe and does not support bacterial growth, very safe to use around food


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