Readsky 8 Quart Lidded Storage Bins Plastic Storage Containers, Clear and Black, 2 Packs




With excellent workmanship, the exterior of the box is designed with rounded corners, which can avoid injuries caused by accidental collisions, and the interior is polished smoothly and there are no excess burrs that will scratch clothing, you can use it to classify socks, underwear, Scarves, hats, shirts, sweaters and other clothing
With a powerful storage function and a wide range of applications, can be used for home or commercial purposes, great for storing thin quilts, towels, snacks, drinks, medicines, toys, dolls, cleaning supplies, office documents, etc., the transparent color makes the items in the box at a glance, improving the efficiency of finding
Made of solid and durable plastic material, with pressure resistance and load-bearing force, concave design on the lid can perfectly fit the bottom, so that two or even more boxes can be stacked up stably, long time use is not easy to be deformation or cracking, can be nested when not in use to reduce the occupying space
The latches on both sides can withstand repeated lift up, they are firm and do not shake, convenient to open or close, can be pressed tightly on both sides of the lid and are not afraid of dust and water, perfect to used in garages, courtyards gardens to place pruning and cleaning tools, or used in the office to organize letters, documents and other paper items
Adopts portable design, there is a handle on the top can easily and effortlessly lift the box, but when the box is full of heavy objects, you can also use both sides of the latch as the support of handling, can be a good assistant at warehouse loading and unloading work, will also be your right-hand man when moving


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