RWHUAYI Defrosting Tray, Thawing Plate, for Fast Defrosting of Frozen Foods Such as Chicken, Meat, Fish,Prawns,Bacon, The Safest No Electricity, No Chemicals, No Microwave. Maintains Food Nutrients



Color: Black


1.Save Time – Our Defrosting Tray will defrost frozen food faster! We recommend flipping the meat over a few
times to maximize speed.
2.Save Money – No electricity, water, microwave or batteries required!
3.Premium Quality – Made of HDF High-density Aerospace Alloywith a food grade coating
which meets FDA standards , DISHWASHER SAFE !
4.HEALTHY, NO CHEMICALS: Fast, sanitary and keep the essential Nutrients and Vitamins!
5.Easy to use – Simply place frozen food onto the tray evenly!

VS Others inefficient methods:
1.Defrost by microwave: lose part of the nutrition and make the food half-done.
2.Water thawing: easy to grow bacteria, waste time and lose part of taste.
3.Natural defrost: waste too much time before cooking and give more chance to grow bacteria.

★Please Note★
The Rapid Defrosting Tray works best with foods that have flat surfaces. For example, a flat piece of steak
will defrost better than a chicken drumstick. Thinner meats will defrost faster than thick pieces. Do not
leave meats in plastic packaging. Food must be in direct contact with the metal surface for the best results.Please do not use it to defrost a whole chicken or chicken legs and other foods with a small area of contact with the surface of the defrosting plate.

Suitable size meat defrosting tray:
Through data analysis of the situation of American families, the
round shape is 9.1*9.1in, which is most suitable for general American families. For family gatherings,
it is recommended to use a few more rapid thaw defrosting trays to improve efficiency.
Maximum thickness of food thawing plate 1.4in thick, the largest thickness of Amazon food thawing plate

Package Includes:
1 – 9.1” x 9.1 Round thawing plate

Premium Packaging for protection from any shipping damages.

☛DEFROST FROZEN FOOD FAST SAVE TIME -That you spend defrosting your frozen food with this amazing magic defroster tray, our 1.4in thick thawing tray will defrost your chicken, lamb, pork and any other frozen food so rapidly that you won’t believe, but you’ll surely love it(Tips: It is advised to flip your food while defrosting to speed up the process.)
☛STAY HEALTHY:-leaving your frozen food for a long time in room temperature will induce bacterial growth, especially in meat. Using this meat defroster will not only save your time and money but also help you keep your family healthy.
☛MAINTAIN A DELICIOUS STATE: -The original taste of the food can be maintained by thawing the food naturally with a thawing tray, as microwaves and hot water can destroy the taste, color and texture of the food.
☛SIMPLE TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN-The Rapid Thaw Defrosting tray is made with a non-stick material, making it very easy to wash and keep clean. It is super simple to use . Save you all the hassle you have to deal with before to cook a family fiesta. Less time in the kitchen,more time with family and friends for a happy time.Note: To protect the surface of the oxygen electrode of the thawing plate, please wash it separately after use, not in the dishwasher.
☛100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND RISK FREE PURCHASE – We strongly believe that RWHUAYI is the best Thawing Tray on the market. If for any reason you are not happy with our product, just return it within 30 days and we will replace or refund you no questions asked. 100% risk free!”


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