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While some slicer food holder tools are poorly designed and prone to causing accidents instead of keeping you protected, the SAFEGRATE kitchen finger hand protector is engineered with a stainless steel finger guard between you and your vegetable grater. With firm grip tines, foods stay secure. It’s so safe and it’s kid-friendly for children as young as 4!
GRATERS FOR KITCHEN CAN BE DANGEROUS AND some poorly designed fingertip protector tools ARE JUST ACCIDENTS waiting to happen. The SAFEGRATE grater hand guard is the finger-friendly way to grate or slice food. With a STAINLESS STEEL FINGER GUARD PROTECTING YOUR HANDS & fingers and METAL TINES THAT SECURELY HOLD YOUR FOOD for a superior grip, you don’t have to worry about nicks or plastic getting in your food. Our slicing guard is even KID-FRIENDLY FOR CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS 4!
THE SAFEGRATE FINGER PROTECTOR CUTTING TOOL IS designed for EASY GRIPPING, no matter who you are. Its VERSATILE DESIGN IS GREAT FOR ALL HANDS, from young kids to adults, LEFT-HANDED OR RIGHT-HANDED! Instead of having to buy a pricey automatic cheese grater or being afraid to use your knives or slicers, IT’S THE SAFE, ECONOMICAL WAY to USE THE KITCHEN TOOLS YOU ALREADY OWN! Great with box grader for kitchen, cheese graters for kitchen, potato grater and hand grater.
WITH FIRM GRIP TINES, OUR finger protector kitchen cutting holder is as VERSATILE with a cheese grader as it is with other foods! Our finger protector for cutting food is GREAT WITH FOODS OF ALL SIZES, such as HARD OR SOFT CHEESES, POTATOES, CARROTS, beets, ginger, nutmeg, chocolate, FRUIT FOR ZESTING, and much more. Whether you prefer a box grater or chopping & slicing with a knife, the SAFEGRATE hand protector helps you and your kids MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR KITCHEN TIME SAFELY.
OUR MANDOLINE SLICER GUARD IS MADE FROM extremely DURABLE, FOOD-SAFE STAINLESS STEEL for lasting use. Its DISHWASHER-SAFE DESIGN MAKES CLEANUP EASY. Just give it a rinse, place it in the dishwasher, and you’re done! Whether you’re a chef, a home cook, or you want a food safety holder to help your kids get comfortable and confident in the kitchen, the SAFEGRATE food grater onion holder is perfect everyone.
AT SAFEGRATE, IT’S OUR MISSION TO make food prep and COOKING EASY, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE with high quality tools, expert engineering & unparalleled safety. After one too many injuries in the kitchen, WE PUT TIME AND HEART INTO DEVELOPING the SAFEGRATE mandoline handguard to help you to AVOID PAINFUL NICKS & CUTS THE KITCHEN. If you have any questions or concerns about your food shredder kitchen gadget, we’re always HERE TO HELP.


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