Sonoma Gourmet, Kale Pesto with White Cheddar Pasta Sauce – 1 case (pack of 6)



A Rich And Creamy Jarred Pesto Sauce That Will Have You Rethinking Any Common Pesto Forever. Garden-fresh Kale And Sharp White Cheddar Will Have Your Tastebuds Buzzing. We’re a new-world food company driven by flavor. And to us, flavor is more than something you have. Flavor is something you do, bringing things together in unique ways to make things more interesting. To make things more vibrant. To make things better. It’s how we approach food and life. As chefs, we don’t believe in compromising flavor. Ever. That’s what sets us and our products apart. It’s why we cook in small batches using the absolute best ingredients. Fresh, real, local, delicious things. We can’t make things taste great if we start with ingredients that don’t taste great. And having Sonoma Valley as our backyard pantry goes a long way to making that happen. Making delicious food that people enjoy with friends and family is why we get up in the morning. Experimenting, refining, and creating is what keeps us going well into the night. We’re foodists with a passion for raising the bar on flavor and sharing as much as we can with as many as we can. We love to mix it up, mash it up, and turn it up. And we encourage you to do the same.

RECIPES FOR DAYS: We have the mind of a chef so warn your taste buds because they are in for a treat. We love the versatility of this pasta sauce – it can be used on pasta, a sauce to spice up your sandwich or simply eaten with a spoon.
MADE WITH FRESH INGREDIENTS: All of our sauces were made by cultivating the finest and freshest ingredients to transform any of your meals into your own masterpiece.
GLUTEN FREE, 0 SUGAR ADDED: We only cook in small batches using the absolute best ingredients with no artificial flavors.
MAKES FOR A GREAT GIFT: With the holidays right around the corner, you can create a beautiful basket filled with Sonoma Gourmet’s products. Consider adding our traditional plum tomato marinara or one of our other delicious varieties. Maybe even add in some of our gourmet cold-pressed olive oils or pizza sauces.


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