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Product Description

Ginger Peach, Ginger Peach Tea, Ginger, Peach, Flavored Black TeaGinger Peach, Ginger Peach Tea, Ginger, Peach, Flavored Black Tea

DELICIOUS: Our “Longevity Tea” is a tasty blend of premium black tea with fresh peach notes complemented by a mild, zesty hint of ginger. Exceptional over ice.
AWARD-WINNING: Voted “Outstanding Beverage” by the Specialty Food Association.
ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY: If all tea bags were constructed like ours — being free of tags, staples and strings — the daily savings would be 7,528 miles of strings and 159 million paper tags kept out of landfills. Our tea bags are made from natural, unbleached paper and impart no flavor.
This BEST-SELLING black tea is certified Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Carb Free.
Ginger Peach is also available as a green tea, white tea, iced tea, rooibos (herbal) and decaf.

Ginger peach with ginger and peachesGinger peach with ginger and peaches

Benefits of Black Tea

Black Tea is a healthier choice than coffee for a jitterless energy and increased focus.*
Premium black tea contains antioxidants including polyphenols, flavonoids and amino acids.
Black tea is naturally fat free and calorie free so you can indulge without guilt.
Black tea is great for sharing with a friend!

Ginger peach IcedGinger peach Iced

Fun Facts About Ginger Peach Black Tea

For thousands of years, the peach has been China’s darling of longevity.
Ginger root has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for over 1,000 years as a tool to improve digestive fire. It helps stimulate digestive enzymes and fights bloating.*
It’s one of our best-selling, original teas.
Available in green, white and red tea as well as decaf black and green.
Citizens rave about Ginger Peach over ice. Just steep 2 tea bags in 6 oz of hot water. Infuse 3-5 minutes. Pour over a generous amount of ice.

Ginger Peach Ice PopsGinger Peach Ice Pops

Ginger Peach Ice Pops – A Perfect Summer Treat

Ice pops made with iced Ginger Peach, lemon juice and agave nectar are more than just peachy.

Steep Ginger Peach tea double strength (2 tea bags per 6oz. water)
Add lemon juice and agave nectar, to taste
Pour into frozen treat moldsOptional: Add fresh peach slices!
Freeze for at least 4 hours.

Flavor Profile

Lush, Spicy, Fruity

Full bodied, Berry, Herbal

Fruity, Exotic, Tropical

Marzipan, Cream

Fruity, Exotic, Flowery


Fine black tea, natural peach flavor and ginger

Fine black tea, white sage and natural blackberry flavor

Fine black tea, natural passion fruit, papaya, sunflower petals, and pineapple flavor

Fine black tea, natural vanilla and almond flavors, vanilla beans and almond bits.

Fine black tea, natural mango flavor and sunflowers.

Steep Time: 3-5 Minutes

Contains Caffeine







About The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea enriches people’s lives through its great-tasting premium teas and herbs, education and innovation, as it emphasizes a “Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp” lifestyle. Founded in 1992, The Republic of Tea sparked a specialty tea revolution. Today the brand delivers an unequaled selection of the highest-quality teas, herbal blends, gifts and nature-inspired sipware.

The Republic of Tea’s collections boast over 300 all-natural premium teas and diverse offerings which include, but are not limited to: organic SuperAdapt Teas, SuperDigest Teas, Beautifying Botanicals, SuperGreen Teas, Downton Abbey Teas, Biodynamic Teas, organic Superfruit Teas, organic SuperHerb Teas, U-Matcha, Single Sips, teaware and a collection of unsweetened, premium glass-bottled iced teas crafted exclusively for fine restaurants and hotels.

Further, The Republic of Tea is mindful of how its actions impact the greater community and actively supports organizations like The Ethical Tea Partnership, Homeward Bound of Marin and The Women of Tea: Sri Lanka — an initiative by The Republic of Tea focused on improving nutrition, hygiene and financial literacy for the women tea workers living in Sri Lanka. Certifications include Demeter USA Certified Biodynamic, Fair Trade certification, Gluten-Free certification, Non-GMO Project verification, OU Kosher certification, and USDA Organic certification.

For more information, please visit or call 1.800.298.4832. Follow The Republic of Tea on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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