Vanilla Products USA 5 Grade A Prime Gourmet Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans 5~6″



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vanilla beansvanilla beans

vanilla beansvanilla beans

Vanilla is all we do

Traditionally cured to ensure full flavor

We do not sell beans that have been quick cured in a matter of days. Fast curing loses some of the subtleties of the vanilla. Our beans are cured the traditional way over a period of months.

Vacuum sealed using professional equipment

We use professional chamber vacuum sealers. The entire product (pouch with vanilla beans) is placed inside of a vacuum chamber, air is removed from the chamber, and the bag is sealed.

An inferior method is to use an external suction vacuum sealer. This requires the use of special mesh bags which can cause oils from the vanilla bean to wick away from the bean, reducing the quality of the bean.

Your vanilla beans are triple inspected:

The first inspection takes place during packing and is for smell, appearance, and mold.

The next inspection takes place during vacuum sealing and is for mold and appearance.

The final inspection before shipment ensures that the vacuum seal is intact and checks for mold.

Vanilla beans on the vineVanilla beans on the vine

Variety of vanilla beans

There are many characteristics to a vanilla bean:

Country of origin
Wholes, Splits, or Cuts

Country of Origin: Vanilla beans are grown in the tropical regions and include Madagascar, Uganda, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti, and Mexico.

Species: There are two species of vanilla beans. The scientific names are Planifolia and Tahitensis. Planifolia is commonly known as Bourbon (or Madagascar) and Tahitensis is commonly known as Tahitian beans. Planifolia is the flavor you would typically find in supermarket vanilla extract. Tahitensis is a mutation of Planifolia and adds a sweet, floral note.

Grade: Multiple terms are used to describe the grades. Grade A means the same as Gourmet which also means the same as Prime. Grade B means the same as Extract Grade.

Grade A is not necessarily a better quality bean – but it does mean that it has a higher moisture content. You can do anything with Grade A that you can do with Grade B. You need to use Grade A when you want to scrape out the seeds (sometimes referred to as the caviar).

Length: This can be specified in inches or centimeters (1 inch = 2.54 cm). Length can vary from 3 inches to over 8 inches.

Wholes, Splits, or Cuts:

Wholes refers to beans that are intact.
Splits mean that the bean has split – either on the vine or during the curing process. Splits are sometimes preferred by commercial producers of vanilla extract because they usually have a higher vanillin content.
Cuts means that it is a pieces of vanilla beans, not the entire vanilla bean. Cuts can be from whole or split beans.

How are vanilla beans grown and cured?

Hand pollinating of vanilla beans

Hand pollinating of vanilla beans

Vanilla beans on the vine

Vanilla beans on the vine

Killing the vanilla beans

Killing the vanilla beans

Traditional curing

Traditional curing

Hand pollinating

Vanilla is the only variety of orchid that we eat. When the flower blooms, it must be pollinated within 24 hours or else the bloom will wither and die. The pollinator for vanilla beans cannot live outside of Mexico, so the flower must be hand pollinated.

Vanilla beans growing on the vine

Over the next few months, the vanilla bean grows. It takes roughly 7 pounds of green vanilla beans to make 1 pound of cured vanilla beans.

Killing the beans

After the beans are harvested, they must be killed in order to start the curing process. Steaming or boiling is usually used, but in some places in Indonesia smoking is used. Vanilla Products USA does not sell smoked beans (unless specified in the title) because we feel that the smoke flavor interferes with the vanilla flavor.

Traditional curing

Beans are spread out daily in the sun, and at night they are brought inside to sweat. This labor intensive process and takes place over many months.

Traditionally cured to ensure full flavor
Your vanilla beans are vacuum packed
Grown in Madagascar
Vanilla beans by Vanilla Products USA are triple inspected for quality


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