Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife Set – 5 Kitchen Knives with 5 Knife Sheath Covers – Chef Knife Sets with Carving Serrated Utility Chef’s and Paring Knives – Magnetic Knife Set with Matching Color Case



Product Description

Vremi Manufacturer of Knife Set for Sharp and Colorful KnivesVremi Manufacturer of Knife Set for Sharp and Colorful Knives

No more dull kitchen moments! The Vremi Sharp-As-A-Knife Set includes all the essential kitchen knives you need, in fabulous bright rainbow colors: 1 red chef knife with curved tip, 1 blue serrated knife, 1 orange paring knife, 1 purple carving knife, and 1 yellow utility knife. Matching BPA free blade sheaths are included to make safety and storage a breeze.

Meet The Sharp As A Knife Set

Hi there, slice to meet ya! We’re an essential bunch of stainless steel knives—versatile, durable and high-quality to say the least. As you can see, we’re definitely a chop, slice, dice, carve, and cut above the rest. Plus, our colorful design looks as sharp as we are, making it easy to distinguish us for easy identification. Crafted from premium BPA free and lead-free materials, we’re as squeaky clean as the slices we make. So take a stab with us, whether you’re purchasing as a gift, replacing your old knives, or just looking for some attractive kitchenware to spruce up your decor. We’ve got your cutting needs covered.

Essential Kitchen Knives

Perfect for professional and beginner chefs alike, the Vremi 5 piece chef knife set is a collection of the most useful cooking, carving and kitchen knives ever. Meats, veggies, fruits, breads, and more are swiftly taken care of by high-quality stainless steel blades. Each heavy duty knife is color coded and perfectly weighted for longer meal prep. With a curved blade for scooping, a serrated blade for soft skins, a carving blade for razor thin cuts, and smaller paring and utility blades for making quick work of more intricate food prep tasks.

Matching Protective Blade Covers

Ditch the knife block, and enjoy 5 matching protective knife covers to keep blades sharp and hands safe. Listen for the satisfying sheath snap that locks into place for peace of mind. Plus, the food-safe color coating and 100% BPA free plastic keeps you away from toxins. And don’t forget about the flat design, which allows you to store the knives in kitchen drawers for a clutter-free countertop. With vibrant bright colors, you’ll love these not only for slicing, dicing, chopping, and crushing, but also for your home decor. Plus, you can throw them on a magnetic storage holder for easy mounting and display. An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen!

Cutting and Cooking with Colorful Functionality

Soft Touch Comfort Grip Handle

Extra sturdy, ergonomic comfort is the name of the game. Each knife features a non slip grip on its solid, narrow plastic handle to enhance precision as you wield through cheese logs, bread loaves, and roasted turkeys alike. Flip the script, and use the end of the handles to quickly mash, pound, or hammer food down. The lightweight handles combined with the sheaths make these cooking knives portable for travel and camping. So whatever method or style you prefer, we’ve got it handled.

Great for Any Kitchen Activity

Fear no recipe. From simple lemon wedges to expertly cut prosciutto to thickly sliced bread, you can always cut off more than you can chew (and we encourage it). Chop, mince, slice, dice, wedge, and cut. The uses for the carving and chopping knives are as endless as the food you desire. And the versatile paring and utility knives are great for opening letters, plastic packaging, cardboard boxes, and more. However we don’t recommend juggling with them: Leave that to the circus 😉

High-Quality Stainless Steel

Rust proof, odor proof, and dull proof, these blades stay sharp with simple maintenance. Just hand wash and sharpen occasionally to make sure they go the distance, and enjoy cutting almost anything with the accuracy of a samurai warrior. Whether you’re a beginner cook or a pro chef, these knives will stand the test of time.

5 KITCHEN KNIFE ESSENTIALS – This 5 pc basic knife set includes a chef knife, serrated knife, paring knife, carving knife and utility knife. This high-quality cutlery set is ideal for slicing meat steak or cheese, peeling fruit and vegetable, cutting bread and more
SHARP LIGHTWEIGHT STAINLESS STEEL – Each knife is forged with a real heavy duty steel blade that’s perfectly weighted for longer meal prep. It’s odor and stain resistant with a sharp edge tip that will stay rust proof with proper care and sharpening
NON STICK with MATCHING BLADE SHEATH – Our knives feature food grade nonstick coating and a 5 pcs protective case for drawer storage and additional safety for kids and adults. These magnetic blades also store nicely on any wall mount or magnet knife organizer when not in use
ERGONOMIC NON SLIP HANDLES – A nonslip comfort grip handle on each knife makes precision slicing and cutting easier. So whether it’s chopping tomato, cutting bread loaves or delicate meat slices, our professional knives can handle them effortlessly
FUN RAINBOW COLORS – Add a splash of color to your kitchen with our colorful 10-piece knife and cover set made of premium BPA free, lead-free materials. To keep your cooking knives at tip-top shape, hand wash when cleaning and sharpen occasionally


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