AROMA The Ultimate Wok (Made in Germany) Hand Cast Aluminum Wok with Glass Lid, Nonstick Cookware Pan with Diamond Reinforced Coating, 5-Quart, Black

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Discover The Rich Authentic Flavors Of Asian Cuisine In Your Own Home With AROMA The Ultimate Wok! AROMA Ultimate Wok ACA-021 features a modern functional design which is built with a thick heavy-duty aluminum that provides a definitive stir-frying experience You can make delicious Asian recipes the right way Each stir fry wok is carefully hand cast using high-quality aluminum which is coupled with an extra thick base to ensure superior heat accumulation better retention and even distribution – making it the perfect choice for both seasoned chef and newcomers High Nonstick Performance Easy To Maintain & Scratch Resistant Surface If you’re trying to add more diversity in your recipe book then this is the one-pan solution for you Our cast aluminum wok pan can be used to make a wide variety of traditional and authentic Asian recipes the right way – both easily and quickly Whether you’re frying searing or browning with our Aroma Ultimate Wok pan you never have to worry about your food sticking Thanks to our unique five-layer diamond reinforced coating food effortlessly glides across its surface without relying on any chemicals More Features You’ll Love – German-made hand-poured cast aluminum to provide long term reliable use – Ideal for most cooking stoves including glass-top coil stove halogen and gas – Can be quickly and effortlessly cleaned in the sink – Large 5-quart size makes it perfect for home and professional use – Thick handle ensures a firm grip while keeping your hands safely away from the heat – The glass lid provides a clear view of the food so you can easily tell when it’s done Enjoy The Taste Of Traditional Asian Cuisine & Stir Fry Like A Pro With AROMA Ultimate 5 Quart Wok ACA-021!

HEAVY-DUTY BUILD Each wok with lid is made in Germany using hand cast aluminum to bring you a heavy duty cooking wok that’s durable enough to handle daily use – for the long run! It offers superior heat absorption and distribution so anything you make comes out flavorful and evenly cooked
DIAMOND-REINFORCED COATING Our wok is made using a unique 5 layer diamond-reinforced coating that not only adds another layer of durability but also ensures professional non-stick performance and scratch resistance – while being quick and effortless to clean
CUT COOKING TIME Thanks to the thickness and heat conductivity of the hand-cast aluminum our stir frying wok accumulates and retains heat better while ensuring more even distribution This allows you to cook not only faster but better as well to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and easier
NO STICK & NO MESSES Our nonstick wok allows you to fry and cook using less fats and oils – while eliminating the risk of your food sticking This means you can enjoy healthier meals the easy way Ideal for traditional cooking techniques like pan-frying braising boiling deep-frying and more
STAY IN CONTROL The deep frying pan is designed with thick handles that stay cool on the stove and provide a firm grip so you are always in control We also include a thick tempered glass lid to keep the heat locked inside – along with providing a clear view of the food


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