Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils – Wooden Spoons and Spatulas for Cooking – Rustic, Beautiful and Durable Utensil Set for your Urban Farmhouse – Artisanal, Handcrafted in Tunisia



The Essential Kitchen Set for Everyone – Casual Cooks to Home Chefs
The only set you will ever need! Whether you are throwing dinner together last minute, or preparing to entertain and impress guests, you need the same thing from your basic utensils – functionality and form. Inspired by the classic wooden spoons preferred by French chefs for hundreds of years, this set is designed to complement and adorn any home kitchen.

Why Olive Wood?

  • Olive wood is a hardwood, prized for its distinctive, beautiful, and straight grain, its density, and its fine texture. These gorgeous utensils go straight from stovetop to table.
  • Olive wood has ancient roots and is considered sacred in numerous religions and cultures.
  • Unlike plastic, wooden spoons do not leach chemicals or melt when exposed to heat. Unlike metal, they do not conduct heat or cause burns.
  • Oleuropien is a polyphenolic compound with numerous health benefits, found plentifully in the roots, wood, branches and fruit of olive trees.
  • Olive wood does not absorb odors, and is stain and dirt resistant.

Why Us?
Our set is manufactured by a small family farm in Tunisia. They have produced olive oil for many generations, and are now manufacturing small batch items as a sustainable way to explore “whole use” production for dying, non-producing olive trees.

Hand wash only, never in a dishwasher. Rejuvenate with mineral oil to make them look brand new. Note: Each utensil is carved, finished and sanded by hand from a single piece of wood. This makes each piece incredibly durable – and also different, just like the trees themselves. Rather than a uniform design, there are variations in the coloring from light to dark, and infinite marbling effects. You may see knots and demarcations in the wood, and other small “imperfections.” Zooming in on the photos will give you a glimpse of what your own unique utensil set might look like.

Set of 5 tools includes a pair of 12” spoons – one corner spoon and one cooking spoon, a 12” pancake turner/spatula, a 14” spatula, and a large 14” cooking spoon. This set has been expertly selected with the home chef in mind to cover all of your daily cooking needs
Exceptional quality olive wood is durable and sturdy, as well as beautiful. Each piece is unique with its own character and lovely grain pattern. They are smooth and substantial, providing a comfortable grip. They feel good in your hand!
Extremely practical. Easy to care for and clean, and can be used with all of your cookware, including nonstick, Instapots, Caphalon, cast iron, enamel. Heat resistant, won’t melt or become discolored or conduct heat (no hot handles to touch!) and won’t scratch or damage any of your pots and pans.
Use for anything. Flip, stir, mix, fold, and scoop. Beautiful design allows them to go from cooking to serving with ease.
Decorate your own kitchen or delight your favorite cook with this practical and beautiful gift. Perfect to accompany dinner board or grazing board presentations.


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